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Last Updated On: 03 Feb 2018

The Awareness Programme :

A conscious effort has been initiated over the last few years to enhance people’s awareness on various issues of social importance like environment protection, conservation of biodiversity, preservation of cultural heritage through observance of Banabibi Utsav, observance of Sundarban Day (Dibas) have also been involved in the overall activities of the board to optimize the output.

Here comes the importance of conservation aspects, which include the conservation of the existing portfolio of development assets like natural resources, social and physical assets including human resources necessary to manage the resources. Sundarban Development Board strongly believes that conservation is people based, as nature responds to human behaviour. The rightful target of conservation plans is, therefore, the subset of human behaviours that need to be supported. As such conservation targets not the resources but does target the inappropriate human behaviours towards resources.

Considering this important issue, S.D. Board has since been taking up different programmes to generate awareness amongst the people to conserve and save Sundarban. Sundarban Development Board celebrates the major event, Sundarban Day.

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