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Last Updated On: 08 Jun 2019

Sundarban Development Board generally executes civil works of following nature. Besides connectivity, enhancement of irrigation potential, drinking water supply are other aspects of the civil works.

Brick Paved/Water Bound Macadam Road & Culverts- Brick Paved and Water Bound Macadam road had been constructed by the Board in all the nineteen blocks of Sundarban along with Culverts to provide all weather roads.
The provisions of jetties have been made for promotion of landing facilities in the riverine areas. Three types of jetties viz. R. C. C. type, Brick Block and Rail Posts have been taken up.

Rainwater harvesting / Irrigation / Excavation of derelict channel - For creating additional irrigation potential through harvesting of rainwater, derelict channels have been re-excavated. This has added to the increase of irrigation potential and cropping intensity.

Master Sluices and Closure - These have been constructed on diversion channels to provide controlled drainage during monsoon season and irrigation water during the dry season from the stored sweet water.

H. P. Sluices - Hume Pipe Sluices have been constructed to provide outlets for excess water into the rivers/tributaries and prevent saline water intrusion.

Rural Water Supply - The Board implements scheme of sinking tube wells for supply of potable drinking water to the people inhabiting in 19 blocks of the region.

Buildings - Some buildings have been constructed. The buildings include Office-cum-Rest Sheds, staff quarters and training centres. They are located at Hingalganj, Hasnabad, Nezat, Sonakhali, Jharkhali, Moukhali, Gosaba, Kakdwip, Helen, Moushuni and Gangasagar.

Physical Achievement

Road Constructions

  • Brick Paved Road - 1676.025 KM
  • Concrete Road - 290.582 KM
  • Bituminous Road - 315.832 KM

Bridge Constructions

  • Kakdwip and Patharpratima Blocks -Construction of 6 (six) numbers of R.C.C. Bridges, namely Saptamukhi Bridge over River Saptamukhi at Gangadharpur – Durbachati
  • Mathurapur – I Block- Sutarbag Bridge over River Sutarbag at Banstala – Baragheri.
  • Patharpratima Block - Kumarpur Bazar Bridge over Atherogachi Canal (Tidal).
  • Joynagar – II and Kultali Blocks - Sikirhat Bridge over Sikirhat Khal.
  • Mathurapur – II and Patharpratima Block - Mridanga Setu at Bolerhat over River Mridanga Bhanga.
  • Patharpratima Block - Adibasi Bazar Bridge over Atherogachi Canal.

Achievement Report of 2015-16 of Civil Work Division

Financial Achievement
Target Achievement
900,341,052.78 811,474,624.71

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