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Last Updated On: 18 May 2018

The effective area of agricultural land in Sundarban is 3,15,500 ha. Typically the soils are deep fine textured, heavily structured and slow draining. Nearly 62% of total cultivable land of this region is low lying and suffers from elevated salinity during dry season, from intrusion of saline water, capillary action, and increasingly acid sulphate build up. Soil drainage is generally inadequate and deep water stagnation occurs in monsoon season.
At present nearing 20% of the agricultural land in this region is multi cropped. In this region 9% of the farmers are classified as small farmers and 35% as marginal farmers. Apart from this, the concentration of Bargadars, Pattaholders and landless agricultural labourers are very high. The farming community consisting of small and marginal framers and Bargadars are typically focused on subsistence production and their prime is food security.

The agricultural programme consists of schemes :

(a) Distribution of fruit plants amongst school students of this region
(b) Distribution of agricultural inputs during Rabi season for bringing more areas under double cropping with non-traditional crops like oil seeds, pulses and cotton etc.      The major thrust of this scheme is to create additional employment opportunity for the local people and to bring change in cropping pattern
(c) Extension of mushroom (oyster) cultivation
(d) Extension of Cotton cultivation
(e) Demonstration of organic and vermi composting
(f) Training & Workshop etc on the use of Bio-fertilizers & Bio-pesticides
(g) Training & Workshop on agriculture & allied activities etc.

Rabi Programme :

Farmers of this region are provided with high quality seeds mainly high yielding verities and hybrid seeds for cultivation in specific unit area. The programmes are chalked out keeping in view the agro-climatic conditions, soil status and available irrigation facility etc. The farmers under the programme are selected in consultation with local panchayats and for certain portion with active NGOs of the area.

Agriculture Division:

The activities relating to agriculture and allied activities are implemented through 27 Growth Centres located in 19 blocks of Sundarbans under the supervision of three Branch Offices namely Kakdwip (9 Growth Centres), Canning (10 Growth Centres) and Nezat (8 Growth Centres) Branch Offices.

Physical Achievement

  • Over Four Lakh of beneficiaries in the small and marginal farmers category were distributed various agricultural inputs like seeds of Yam, Sunflower, Vermicompost, etc and implements like paddy threshers, sprayers, pump sets, etc.

Achievement Report of 2015-16 of Agriculture Division

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Physical Achievement
( Nos. of Beneficiaries )
Financial Achievement
( Rs. In Lakh )
Target Achievement Target Achievement
85000 85000 213492818 248003395

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