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Last Updated On: 05 Jul 2017

Sundarban Development Board (SDB) has a small fisheries project portfolio. SDB began implementation of an AFAD financed multi-sectional project in the 1980s, which included a polyculture component for shrimp and brackishwater finfish farming at Jharkhali (erstwhile Charkhali Colony) under Basanti Block. It was intended that the fish ponds be owned and operated by the landless farmers and fisherman (each owning 0.5 ha) of the farm surrounding area, and were to maintain their livelihood as well as to increase fish production in the area. Some of the activities being carried out :.

Providing Fishery Inputs and Training to the Beneficiaries:

Make use of the derelict ponds of Sundarban, Air Breathing fishes are released, Every household of Sundarban has 6 to 8 kottah of pond. IMC fingerling is released in this pond to augment production. Fish feed is the most costly input in fresh water culture practice. Fish farmers are unable to buy fish feed from the market. The fish feed distributed free of cost to the farmers help to maximize the profit per unit area of production. This has enabled the fish farmers to rise up above the below poverty level.

Training and Extension:

Fisheries Division with the assistance of the Branch Offices and their Growth Centers regularly extend training to the farmers/peoples/fisher folk in different aspects, mainly with the objectives to provide alternative livelihood and to withdraw them from Baby Crab Catching and to utilize their water bodies in and around fruitfully in the form of training meeting, personal visit, pH measurement and technical advices etc. In these training programmes, the fish farmers are taught scientific methods of fish farming.

Physical Achievement

  • Thirty Five Thousand beneficiaries in the poor fisherman category were distributed fingerlings, lime, fish feed, etc. and were trained to increase their capabilities.

Achievement Report of 2015-16 of Fisheries' Division

Achievement Report of 2015-16 of Fisheries' Division
Sl. Name of the Scheme Physical Target Physical Achievement Financial Achievement
Beneficiaries (nos.) Count/Production Beneficiaries (nos.) Count/Production Target (Rs.) Achievement
(Rs.) (expected)
1 IMC fish fingerling- 10kg/beneficiary 6750 67.5MT of fingerling 6750 67.5MT of fingerling 13466250.00 13466250.00
2 Air breathing fish fingerling- 300 nos./ beneficiary 2500 7,50,000 nos. 2400 7,20,000 nos. 9000000.00 8640000.00
3 Lime- 20kg/beneficiary 9250 185MT of Lime 5550 111MT of Lime 2310650.00 2310650.00
4 Fish feed for composite culture- Epic Brand 50kg/beneficiary 9250 462.5MT 9250 462.5MT 9712500.00 9712500.00
5 Other expenditure CONTINGENCY CONTINGENCY 585500.00 565961.00
6 Agri- fishery Training programme 1350 675 2609753.00 1353205.00
7 Jharkhali Fish Farm 2500 kg. 1800 kg. 1203479.00 1149911.00
Total 38888132 37198477

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